Monday, 20 August 2012

Grammostola rosea (NCF) - Chilean Rose Hair

Grammostol rosea (Normal color form):

Type: Terrestrial (Scrubland)
Aggressiveness: Docile & calm
Venom Effect: Unknown, expected to be low-toxicity.
Geographic Range: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia
Requirements: 25-30 degree C
Humidity: 65-75%
Substrate: 2 inches
Shelter: Cork bark or flower-pot.
Water: Open water dish.
Longevity: Males once mature (2 Years) Females (upto 15 years).

This is the very 1st tarantula I keep in this hobby. They are docile and calm and you can handle them without worry. But there are some statement that there are some insane rosea. In simple, don't handle your tarantula as they are display pets.

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